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The Merry Wanderer of the Night

And even though the hour is late, I do not refer to mi sen.
Today I went to the Student Guild Hall of Brum uni to listen to Robin Hobb speak n' read. It's nice, innit? Loving the Costas on site.

I also got a book signed, not my first by this author. I think Mr. Manby might recall (or not as he's nearly died since then) going to a book signing of hers avec moi many, many moons ago in...Huddersfield was it?

Anywho, today she agreed to be interviewed by me for SFCrowsnest which is grand, more than grand, it's a proper cool thing. I mun choose mi questions wisely.

Later this week I'm going to World Fantasy Con in Brighton. It's one of those, many birds with one stone kinda gigs. I also said I'd do a review of it, 'cos I am way behind on other reviews.

Speaking of gigs. Bristol-Con was great fun. Not only did we get to see chums, but I was on a panel with Mark freaking Buckingham *pause for fangirl moment* I'm a big fan of his work, so that was cool.

The house is very slowly taking shape. I confess; I'm ignoring the unfinished bits in favour of those that are finished. I'm sure I'll get enthusiasm for DIY back at some point before Yuletidemasss...FUCK! IT'S ALMOST YULETIDEMASS!!!

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